Super Lube Synthetic Grease With PTFE Teflon 21006 6cc Syringe

Super Lube Synthetic Grease With PTFE Teflon 21006 6cc Syringe
Item Number: 305020
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Super Lube Synthetic Grease With PTFE Teflon 21006, 6cc Syringe

Our Dielectric Grease is a patented NLGI grade 2 heavy duty, multi-purpose lubricant in a 6cc syringe. Synthetic base fluids and the addition of PTFE micro powders combine to form a premium lubricant that provides long life protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion. Machinery lasts longer, downtime is reduced, and productivity is increased. USDA listed food Grade Lubricant, rated H1 for incidental food contact. Will not run or drip, does not evaporate or form gummy deposits and will not dry out, melt or separate. Compatible with most other lubricants and outlasts conventional greases 50-100%.



Disk Brake Quiet, Caliper Grease, Bearing Grease, Battery Protector, Linkages, Hinges & Locks, Dielectric Grease , Hubs, Axles, Chassis, Shocks,

Springs, Seat Regulators &Tracks, Fifth Wheels, Parts Lubricant, Assembly Grease


Winches, Pulleys, Trailer & Buddy Bearings, Inboard/Outboard Drives, Winterizing, Snaps, Trailer Rollers & Casters, Dielectric Grease, Prop Shafts/Trim Tabs, Battery Protector, Corrosion Blocking, Electrical Equipment


Windows, Hinges, Garage Doors, Appliances, Locks, Shop Tools, Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Garden & Farm Equipment, Sewing Machines, Faucets, Pool Pumps

Recreational & Sporting-

Campers, Trailers, Mopeds, Bicycles, ATV's, Motorcycles, Snow Mobiles (prevents ice buildup), Go-Carts, RV's, Hunting Gear, Guns, Ski Bindings, Running Machines, Weight & Fitness Equipment, In-Line Skates, Skateboards


Plain & Anti-Friction Bearings, Ball & Roller Bearings, Wheel Bearings, Chassis Points, Fifth Wheels, Electric Motor Bearings, Disc Brake Assemblies, Freezers, Pumps, Blowers, Cams, Slides, Conveyors, Chains, Snow Removal Equipment, Paving Equipment, Water Pumps, Valves, Open Gears, Switch Assemblies, Radio Antenna Assemblies, Parking Meters, Gaming Machines, Cables, Ovens, Food Processing Equipment, Fans, Electronic Equipment, Deep Drawing Application


Clean, Non-toxic, Non-staining, Dielectric, USDA Rating H1, Will Not Drip, Run Or Evaporate, Impervious To Salt Water, Safe In Potable Water, Long Lasting, Prevents Rust & Corrosion While Reducing Friction, Compatible With Conventional Lubricants, Repels Dirt, Dust, Grit & Grime, Extends Machinery And Equipment Life, Reduces Maintenance While Saving Time & Money, Operating Temperature Range -45F to +450F, Reduces Friction & Wear, Will Not Stain Or Harm Wood, Rubber, Leather, Plastic, Fabrics & Paint.


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Item Number: 305020
Manufacturer: Super Lube
Manufacturer Part No: 21006