Lockey Hex Bolts

Lockey Hex Bolts
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Hex Bolts for Lockey Locks. 

Choose your Lock Model Series from the Product Options
1000 Series Includes the Models 1150, 1600, 115P, 160P
2000 Series Includes the Models 2200, 2210, 2830, 2835, 2500
3000 Series Includes the Models 3210, 3830, 3835
C-Series Includes the Models C120, C150, C170
M-Series Includes the Models M210, M230, M220

The Single and Double Sided Locks use the same Hex Bolt.  

Note- These are not Extension Hex Bolts. If you need an Extension kit find that in the Related Products Section of the Lock Model You Are Ordering. 

Manufacturer: Lockey USA
Manufacturer Part No: HEXBOLT