Hobby and Professional Magnifiers

Beading Magnifiers
These Magnifiers Are Fantastic For Close Work Requiring the Use of Both Hands.
Jewelers Loupe
Loupes for Jewelry, Stamp Collecting, Precious Gem Grading and More. Choose from Many Styles and Power
Linen Tester
Carson Linen Tester Magnifiers Dual lens design ensures a clear, distortion-free view
Loupe and Technical Magnifiers
Magnifiers For The Hobbyist and Professional User For Measuring, Jewelry, Stamps, Precious Items, Inspection Of Welds, Stress Parts.
Carson Microscopes for Students and Hobbyists.
Video Inspection Magnifiers
Video Inspection Magnifiers. Where Precision and Image Capture in Critical.
Visor Magnifiers
Visor Magnifiers Provide Hands Free Viewing. Great For Jewelry Making, Beading, and Other Fine Work.