Coil 5850/13 Visual Tracking Magnifiers (VTMs) Magnification 1.7X/18.9D with Spherical Lens BLUE

Item Number: CO5850/13
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Coil 5850/13 Visual Tracking Magnifiers (VTMs) Magnification 1.7X/18.9D with Spherical Lens. The VTM's have been specifically designed to aid patients suffering from Dyslexia or similar reading difficulties. The VTMs help patients to concentrate their vision on individual words or sentences and remove the confusion caused by nearby text or pictures. The products are especially suited to Dyslexic children and will help them through the learning phase.
  • Innovation for Dyslexia and other reading difficulties (Inc. Macular Degeneration and Ocular Atrophy)
  • Two semi-circular printed filters reduce information to the brain, thus restricting pattern glare to a minimum
  • 7mm bright central viewing strip improves contrast, aiding saccadal eye movement
  • Ideal for school children and the elderly.Winner of Millennium Product status
  •  Easily tracked across the page, wide field of view, soft feel easy grip sleeve


Magnification 1.7X
Lens Diameter 50.5 mm
Image Vergence -4.0D
Effective Focal Length 52.9 mm
Field of View on Page 143 x 104 mm

Note: 25mm equals approximately 1 Inch




Item Number: CO5850/13
Manufacturer: Coil Magnifiers
Manufacturer Part No: 5850/13