Lockey Panic Bars, Locks and Shields

Edge Panic Bar Shield Kits
Lockey EDGE Panic Shield Kits Provide the Highest Security by closing the Gap Between The Gate and The Fence, While Providing Emergency Egress
Panic Bars
Lockey Panic Bars for 36" or 48" Doors or Gates. Select Detex Panic Bars Also Available.
Panic Bar Locks Trim
Lockey Keyless Panic Bar Locks, Non-Keyed Handles and Levers, Keyed Entry Handles.
Panic Bar Shield Kits
Lockey Panic Bar Shield Kits Turn Gates Into Emergency Exits. Multiple Options.
Panic Bar Mounting Shields And Accessories
Lockey Panic Bar Mounting Shields, Strike Brackets, Keyless Lock Boxes, Panic Bar Shields and More.